Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Day 5 - hi ho hi ho, it's off to work we go...

Day 5 of 366

Yup, I went back to the office today.  And it was not easy.
Half way through I almost fell right to sleep.  And getting my brain back into gear....
No easy feat.  But I survived.  On my way home, I popped into my Printers.
And I spent the better part of the afternoon there ordering my new business cards and mini prints.
It was really such a joy seeing each piece come up and being reminded of the story of behind them.
Sharing some of that out loud, felt so deeply personal and so special.
It's wonderful working with people who just get it.
Feel so honoured to have experienced that.

Mini Canvases... what fun!

I prepared some Teabags ready for me as my supply from last year was actually finished.
Just in case you are wondering what I do...

* Brew my tea in boiling water.
* Squeeze out the water and place on a surface to dry.
* Once dry, slit open the back and empty out the tealeaves.
* Gesso the front of the TeaBag and leave to dry.
* Stack and now you have mini canvases ready and waiting.

Have fun!