Friday, 10 June 2016

And off to the framers we go...

Batch No. 4

I can't tell you how hard I worked to catch up with my TeaBagGirls, this week.
So that I could stick to my schedule to drop off my next batch of 40 TeaBags for framing.

It's my 4th batch.  We are working in batches of 40.
So my next one is due on Tuesday, the 19th July.

I'm not getting behind schedule again.
Having my dates set up ahead of the time - definitely helps me stay focused.


They feel waify and like they have a story.
Definitely one of my favourites from this week.

June is double...

Double the effort, Double the love, Double the trouble.
I'm loving it.

Using a reference... Klimt inspired

I have a sweet little book with MotherDaughterLove images and poems.  And this was one of them.
To help keep me inspired and engaged for June, Jackie and I decided to do double or triple faces on our TeaBags.

I loved this piece.  I know it's my interpretation of Klimt but I'm in love with it.
I know I'm going to adore June already.

Gentle tenderness...

There is such a tenderness here.
Which I just love.  I filmed myself painting this.
But only half way - I will share it soon.
Seeing them come forward - is always delightful.