Sunday, 31 January 2016

January is a wrap and prepping for Feb

31 finished mini canvases and 29 blank ones.
All piled together!  Ahhh I'm in love!!

I prepped all 29 canvases and I'm ready to start with February!
Pretty exciting stuff! ❤️ can't wait!

January at a glance...

I love seeing them altogether.
I definitely have favourites... Eeeeck am I allowed to say that.

31faces in 31days...

31 of 366faces

And just like that January is a wrap!!

We have survived our first month... With flying colors!
Moving swiftly from our first week, to double digits, through our twenties and onto our thirties! All mini milestones to help us through the first month until this sweet little habit is formed... 
The art of showing up daily!  Well done fellow teabag ladies..
We are on our way!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Saturday girl...

Today was quite busy... The girls had appointments all day, from tinting eyelashes to sizing new cycle kit, to play practice.  All said and done, we ran all day long! Taking shifts! In between my taxi shifts - I squeezed in a lovely nap!  Greatly needed...But such are some days!
Embracing all that comes this year!
30 of 366faces