Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Getting ready for May....

I prepped my little mini canvases today and put them up on my studio wall.
I'm loving filling in the blanks.  And I 'm loving being able to see the month ahead.
I am hoping it will keep me motivated and focused.

We are moving into month 5.

Once May is over - we are almost half way... it's going really fast.
Maybe I'm noticing it more because each day is counted.

116 and 117...

Love these two kind of different but a little the same.
I had a bit of breakthrough today.
Feeling quite chuffed.

I'm almost ready to head to the framers to get some advice.
Now that I have my frames - I can try and do them myself but it might be easier if they get me going.  120 TeaBagGirls in their frames are overwhelming me a little.

I'll keep you posted.