Tuesday, 29 March 2016

I love this one...

wow this one kicked my butt good and proper.
It took me the whole day on Sunday and eventually I abandon it.
she almost landed in the bin a few times, in fact the one prior to this one did.

I decided to clean up my studio and walk away.  
And I played with clay instead... and the change was just so good for me.
I gave her a 1.5 breathing space and then I came back to her.

And I have to say she's absolutely one of my favs so far.

Why do we love the ones who give us the hardest times, the most.

The past few...

This week coming up with faces has been a challenge.
I've been rising at 5.30am to do them before I head to the office.  Plus I have a few to catch up on.

I spent a bit part of this week securing a domain name for this blog.  Plus my site was down for 2 days.  I've secured www.TeaBagGirlsArt.com and I've changed all my social media handles to match this.  I am pretty stoked about it.

Getting there...  And will share more soon.